Quitline Guernsey Sessions

Free 1 to 1 appointments and drop in clinics are available
Monday to Saturday for new and follow up clients at
The Princess Elizabeth Hospital and various locations
around the Island,  including :

Guilles Alles library,  Rue Clouet in the Bouet, SPP,

Church on the Rock, Sir John Leale Avenue &
Nouvelle Maritaine  St Sampsons,

and the Kindred Centre on Genats Est Castel.


To make an appointment or for further information please :

Call Quitline on 01481 233170

Text           07839 106822

Email quitline@gov.gg



Or visit our Facebook page

“Guernsey Quitline Stop Smoking Service” to message us,
and  for regularly updated information on drop in clinics,
where no appointment is needed.


Quitting Smoking is the healthy option

Some people gain weight when they stop smoking. Why is that?


  • Food often tastes better
  • The quitter may be used to having a cigarette in their mouth so instead they use food as a substitute.
  • The metabolism of recent quitters slows down slightly as nicotine acts to speed it up.

There is good news.


Many people don’t gain weight, and the average gain for those who do is somewhere around 3.5 - 4.5 kilos (7-10 pounds)


What can I do to quit and keep weight gain down?


Speak to your Stop Smoking Specialist for specific help and advice.
Eat high fibre foods to fill you up e.g. fruit, vegetables, wholemeal cereals, pasta or bread
Drink more water -  we often mistake hunger for thirst.
Keep low calorie, low fat snacks on hand if you are tempted to nibble.

Eat less fatty foods – cut down on red meat, cheese, crisps, biscuits and cakes. Be aware of sauces and high fat salad dressings.

Increase everyday activity levels and take more exercise. The recommendation is at least 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week (see section on exercise and fitness)

Reward yourself … but not with food. Using food as a reward for not smoking will tip the scales quickly if you do it too often.

When you do eat concentrate on eating and tasting the food - if not you are far more likely to eat more than you need.



Don’t let a few pounds set you back.


You may worry that gaining a few pounds will change your appearance. Remember what smoking does to your looks: it stains your teeth yellow, makes your clothes and hair smell, and causes wrinkles and ageing of the skin. If you do gain weight the same skills that helped you stop smoking can help you lose that weight. The Health Promotion Unit runs Weight Management courses – they can be contacted on Telephone 707311, or for further information visit www.gov.gg/Healthyeating


Remember The Quitline Stop Smoking Specialists are here to help. Contact us on tel. 233170 or e-mail.