Quitline Guernsey Sessions

Free 1 to 1 appointments and drop in clinics are available
Monday to Saturday for new and follow up clients at
The Princess Elizabeth Hospital and various locations
around the Island,  including :

Guilles Alles library,  Rue Clouet in the Bouet, SPP,

Church on the Rock, Sir John Leale Avenue &
Nouvelle Maritaine  St Sampsons,

and the Kindred Centre on Genats Est Castel.


To make an appointment or for further information please :

Call Quitline on 01481 233170

Text           07839 106822

Email quitline@gov.gg



Or visit our Facebook page

“Guernsey Quitline Stop Smoking Service” to message us,
and  for regularly updated information on drop in clinics,
where no appointment is needed.


Which medication can help you?

Which Medication can help you?
There are a range of different medications that can greatly improve your chances of stopping smoking.


None of these medications are “magic pills” and none of them will make you stop smoking, however if you want to stop and are prepared to work with the medication they can help make it much easier to quit and minimise any physical withdrawal symptoms.


It is important you choose the medication that is likely to help you the most and that you use it correctly. The Stop Smoking Specialists at Quitline can help you make that decision and also give you all the information about using the medication correctly.


Nicotine Replacement Therapy ( patches, lozenge, gum or inhalator ) are not available on prescription in Guernsey however they can be purchased over the counter at any pharmacy or up to 10 weeks  supplied FREE through Guernsey Quitline.


If you have previously tried NRT without success there are two oral medications that can be used, these are buproprion (Zyban) or varenicline (Champix). These are  available on prescription but can only be obtained at the States prescription charge if you also attend Quitline. This is to ensure you have support in stopping smoking alongside taking the medication.


Further information on all these medications is available from the Stop Smoking Specialists at Quitline.

Contact us on Telephone 233170 (this may be an answer phone but please leave a number we will get back to you as soon as possible), e-mail or turn up to one of the new client sessions  (session times are displayed on the left, underneath the menu)