Quitline Guernsey Sessions

New Clients Sessions At PEH

Mondays:   8.30am - 9.30am
and 6pm

Tuesdays:   12pm - 1pm

Wednesdays:   6pm

Thursdays:   1pm - 2pm

Saturdays:   9.30am


Follow up sessions at PEH

Monday :   8.45am - 9.30am

and 7pm - 7.30pm

Tuesdays:   12pm - 1pm

Wednesdays :   5.15pm - 5.45pm
and 7pm - 7.30pm

Thursdays:   1pm - 2pm

Saturdays :   10.30am - 11am

Wednesdays at the

Guilles-Allès Public Library

New Clients:

Follow up clients:
12.30pm  - 1.30pm


Church on The Rock, The Bridge

Friday 11.30am - 1pm term time only


1to 1, or appointments for groups of family,
friends or work colleagues are available by
arrangement  at the PEH Monday to Saturday,

at Les Nouvelle Maritaine Thursday evenings,
in the workplace Monday – Friday.

We are also keen to open new clinics to make
the service more accessible so do speak to us
about appointments at times & locations that

would work for you.

Call 233170

Welcome to the Guernsey Quitline website!


Quitline is the free Stop Smoking Service providing advice, information and support to people living in the Bailiwick of Guernsey who are thinking of stopping smoking.




How can we help? -  We offer:

Quitline can Help you!

Free help advice and support from Specialist Stop Smoking Advisors.

Quitline can Help you!

Free regular friendly and informal drop in and small group sessions where appointments are not necessary.

Quitline can Help you!

Free one to one appointments.

Quitline can Help you!

Advice on all stop smoking medications.

Quitline can Help you!

Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy or vouchers to obtain other stop smoking medication at States prescription charge.

Quitline can Help you!

Free specialist services specifically for pregnant women and young people from 12 years of age.


If you want to quit we want to help. So why go it alone?

If you have tried to stop smoking before and have gone back to smoking … do not despair. This  is all the more reason to contact us and have another attempt. A lot of people take more than one attempt to stop for good.



Quitline can help

A young peoples Guide

A stop smoking guide for young people 

Smoking and Pregnancy

A stop smoking guide for young people 

It's never too late to quit

A stop smoking guide for young people